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The Park Lake

The man-made lake is owned by the Park Lake Company Inc., whose founders are two school buddies, who got their inspiration from the old Yarkon boating company that existed from 1938 to the late 1960’s, and ran an extensive boat rental and river sailing operation that peaked during the 1950’s, owning 160 rowing boats and 18 big River cruise ships.

During this period, the Yarkon river has witnessed countless marriage proposals and romantic moments. the history surrounding the Yarkon river is quite expansive, including famous battles and cultural events the we will be more than happy to tell you all about in our guided tour.

Unfortunately, the vibrant River boating culture gradually ceased by the 1980’s due to increasing pollution of the River, until the Yarkon river authority was founded in order to solve the environmental damages and stop the polluting activity.

Thanks to extensive efforts, the ecological environment was rehabilitated and the river could one again be used by the public.

The penetration of the Mediterranean Sea water into the River brought forth the existence of a unique ecological habitat, containing both salt and fresh water fish (such as tilapia) along with mixed vegetation and other kinds of fauna.

The first pedal boats were brought from Belgium in 1984, with engine boats being added in 1986.

The lake is also home to different kinds of fish, including Tilapia, Silver Arp And Carp.

In 1994, the bicycles in The Park Company Inc. Was founded, to create added recreational value for the visitors by offering kinds of special tandem bicycles for up to 4 people, to ride around the park and enjoy it together.

The bicycle rental service is located on 98 Even Gvirol St., and riders can be accompanied by tour guides, in addition to special attractions and occasional events, all suitable for all visitors of all ages.

Opening Hours: 10:00-19:00

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