Menachem Begin Park

Menachem Begin Park

22.06.2017 | כתבת מקור פנימית

Menachem Begin Park is a vast open park named after former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. The park is also known as the Southern Park because of its location in the south of Tel Aviv, adjacent to the HA’argazim neighborhood. The park covers an area of about 123 acres. To date, about half of the area has been developed (almost 60 acres) with various facilities, such as promenades, artificial lakes, and outdoor basketball courts.

The areas that have not been developed currently consist mostly of a small number of trees surrounded by open grassland. The park is managed and maintained by the Ganei Yehoshua company.

The Park is bordered by extensive agricultural lands, which will later be part of a new (currently in construction) park which will be named after former Israeli prime minister, the late Ariel Sharon.

Menachem Begin Park is home to two artificial lakes. The first is relatively small and features pedal boat rental service for families. the second lake is much larger, and is the central feature of the Park, at almost 11 acres. It has a long, narrow shape, which makes it suitable for cable water skiing, with a 1.2 km long esplanade paved around it.