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Our Vision

22.06.2017 | Inner Article

The following values and goals for Ganey Yehosha, represent the recommendations given by the Vision Committee and the governing standards for environmental, social and financial sustainability:

  1. Communication – using various communication channels to maintain a dialogue with the public with full transparency
  2. Fairness – adopting a policy of social justice for the benefit of diverse populations.
  3. Waste Reduction – Reducing the volume of solid waste in parks.
  4. Efficiency – reducing emissions, increasing energy efficiency and using renewable energy.
  5. Water Management – Reducing water consumption from all sources.
  6. Education – Promoting environmental education in parks.
  7. Nature protection – preserving urban nature and historical heritage.
  8. Accessibility – developing environmentally friendly transport systems and improving accessibility.
  9. Eco-Friendly Policy – creating environmentally friendly procedures and guidelines and formulating environmental management measure.
  10. Maintaining Growth – Encouraging the local economy – in Cultural and Ecotourism activities.
  11. Green Building – strictly using green building techniques.

Park Image – marketing and branding parks as they are responsible for their environment.