Nature Gardens

The Botanical Garden

22.06.2017 | Inner Article

The garden was created in 1940, when Professor Jacob Galili Gan established an acclimatization project for wild plants from different locations in Israel, in an area which was then called “Hurshat Ha’shikmin”.

In 1952 the garden was moved to an area near the Russian – Moscowian Church in Abu Kabir and served to represent all plant ecological societies in the different natural regions in Israel.

The garden was used, in the 1960’s and 1970’s, as a center for teaching undergraduates from Tel Aviv University and school students from the Tel Aviv School for Nature Studies, about botany. Today the garden is located on 155 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv.

The Ecological Aspect of the garden

The botanical garden – an ecological area of about 3 acres – is a safe haven for hundreds of local wild plant species, including some of the rarest in Israel.

pools of water and artificial swamps support unique water plants, fish and turtles.

A special concave collects rainwater during the winter and becomes a puddle which comes to life with different creatures and plants that are characteristic of this temporary seasonal water environment.

Lastly, there is an orchard, where we grow fruit trees and plants belonging to the four species and seven species.