Ganei Yehoshua

The Yarkon River

22.06.2017 | Inner Article

The Yarkon River is the product of a natural corrosion process driven by the force of water carving their way through rock and soil on their way to the sea, which, in the course or hundreds of thousands of years, shaped the entire area.

The Yarkon is a clearly defined hydrological unit whose natural development process is dynamic, continuous, and will probably never cease. today we witness that process in real time and understand how profoundly our actions can affect it.

The river begins at the Nofarim Pool; part of the Rosh HaAyin spring area, and originates in the Yarkon/Taninim aquifer. The elevation in that area is around 17 meters above sea level.

Its length, is 27.5 km, from its origin to the sea, and the Arial distance is approximately 15 km.

The average gradient is about 0.6 per mile.