Ganei Yehoshua


With 345 acres of open greenery, and almost 300 acres of beautiful groves, Ganey Yehosha Park is a hard place to cover, and a family can only hope to see one or two gardens before the kids become exhausted and all you can think about is finding a place to rest.

But there is another way, which is much more comfortable – Golf carts and Quade-cycles, can be rented from the Easy Bikes service!

So, let others sweat, and focus on enjoying more of the sights, without the headache!

Hours: 10:00 until half an hour before dark.

To find Easy-cycles, enter the park from Rokach Blvd. St. and you’ll find it in front of the convention center.

For more details, call: 03-7442444/ 050-4545444

Fax: 03-7442444

Email: [email protected]

Suitable For All ages
Opening hours