22.02.2019 | 10:00 - 14:00

Ganei Yehoshua

2019 Tel Aviv SAMSUNG Marathon

Incredible beaches, Tel Aviv Port, the White City, Habima, city boulevards, the beat, the energy, the intensity, adrenalin rushing through the body – all make this run the biggest sports event in Israel!

Runners participate in 6 different runs: a marathon, a half-marathon, 10-km, and 5-km runs, a hand-cycle race and a mini-marathon.

The Tel Aviv SAMSUNG Marathon will take place on Rokach Blvd, between Ganey Yehoshua and the Convention Center. Two days prior, on Wednesday, 20.02.19, a mini-marathon for kids will take place at the Sarona district. The mini-marathon will also include a run for children with special needs.

Participants must enroll in advance to participate in marathon events.


Exact Location: Rokach Blvd across from the Convention Center

Price: NIS 50-280
Discount: 20% for Digitel card holders.

For enrollment and tickets >>

Photograph Credit: Ronen Topelberg.

Note:  Enrollment is available only on the website.