28.12.2017 | 8:00 - 12:00

Ganei Yehoshua

7th Annual Underwear Race!

Location: Sportech

Ages / Target Audience: Everyone is invited.

Participation Fee: 60 NIS per person.

Link to the event on Facebook: Link.

Each year, the “Tzav Meniya” (צו מניעה) Organization campaigns in order to increase awareness for the prevention of bowel cancer and the importance of early testing to prevent the potentially deadly disease. As part of the campaign, the 7th annual underwear race will take place under the humoristic slogan of “Move Your Ass & Get the Test!”.

The race will include 3 running events of 10K, 5K, and 2K, similar to races held in the past years in the United States. The race will include individuals, groups, volunteers, public figures and celebrities.

All participants will run wearing their underwear (on top of their clothes).

“Tzav Meniya” (צו מניעה) in a non-profit organization that aims to raise awareness for early detection of bowel cancer using various screening tests (Colonoscopy, Fecal Occult Blood Test – blood in stool), and to ensure that these and other tests are accessible to the public of people at higher risk for the illness (ages 50+) free of charge.