07.07.2018 | 11:00

Ganei Yehoshua

A lion in the library – The park theatre

We invite you to enjoy a unique theatre experience in an enchanting natural setting every Saturday morning.

An intimate theatre with air-conditioning, Inflatable slides for the children, creative crafts’ sit-downs, soap bubbles games, coffee break corner for the parents and more.

The schedule of plays to be presented in the park during July:

7.7 at 11:00 A lion in the library

14.7 at 11:00 Puss in Boots

21.7. At 11:00 The Giving Tree

28.7 at 11:00 The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish

* The plays are suitable for ages 3-7

A lion enters a regular quiet library. The lion doesn’t destroy the place, doesn’t scare the kids or haunts down the librarian lady.

All he wants is to stride among the books like any other visitor and participate in the Storytime activity along with the kids.

As he gets used to the environment, the lion learns how to be useful.

He cleans the shelves, dusts them and helps the kids to reach the books on the highest of them.

Because of the lion’s presence, all rules of behaviour in the library are up to the test: “No running”, “No yelling”.

Can the lion comply with the rules? What happens when the rules are broken?

Entry ticket costs 55 NIS, it includes attending the play + all the activities in the compound (inflatable slides, huge soap bubbles, resting spot for the parents, coffee stall and more…)

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Special offer: A ticket for 33 NIS available to Digital customers.