25.08.2018 | 10:00

Ganey Yehosha

A Lion in the Library

We invite you to enjoy a unique theatre experience in an enchanting natural setting every Saturday morning.

An intimate theater with air-conditioning, Inflatable slides for the children, creative crafts’ sit-downs, soap bubbles games, coffee break corner for the parents and more.

The schedule of plays to be presented in the park during August:

  • 4.8 at 11:00 AM: Twiggy the Health hero > event page
  • 11.8 at 11:00 AM: The Golden Heart Flower > event page
  • 18.8 at 11:00 AM: The Emperor’s New Clothes > event page
  • 25.8 at 11:00 AM: A Lion in the Library

* The plays are suitable for ages 3-7

Price: Entry ticket costs 55 NIS, it includes all the activities in the compound

Special offer: A ticket for 26 NIS available to Digital Card holders.

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