A Plant Gathering Tour in Begin Park

A Plant Gathering Tour in Begin Park
אב ובנו מטיילים בשדה פורח
Gathering plants in the urban nature of Begin Park - Canceled.
Edible plants in your neighborhood.

In light of the Ministry of Health’s instructions, the tour is canceled.

A leisurely tour in the park, where you’ll get to know healthy and tasty local edible plants and learn how to use them in your kitchen.

The tour is guided by Tom Sivan, an educator and plant gathering tour guide: “Wherever there is soil which appears to have weeds, these are in fact wild plants. 90 percent of them are edible or suitable for medical use, so it’s important to keep open areas within the city, and thus harboring a seasonal treasure”.

The tours do not require lots of walking and their pace is slow, allowing observation and discovery.

Additional Details
Audience: For the entire family
Accessibility: Partly Accessible
  • It is recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • Babies are only allowed in a carrier, since there is no possibility to bring a stroller.
Main entrance to Begin Park, by the entrance sign