07.07.2018 | 17:30

Nature Gardens

A Tour In The Renewed Botanical Garden

Exact location: The botanical garden, Ganei Ha’Teva, Herzl 155 parking, at the entrance to the garden.

Suitable for: The whole family

A special tour, guided by Tal Levanoni, A doctoral student at Tel Aviv University and Liav Shalem, our own home ecologist. During this special tour, we’ll discover the unique botanical garden, which recently underwent ecological rehabilitation.

We’ll stride among the ecological wild water reservations, resembling the natural environment of the wet habitat of Tel Aviv, simulating the Yarkon River.

We’ll walk among the garden’s paths, get to know the natural environments of the city.

Special maps will be provided, along with bird guides.

Photo credit: Liav Shalem

Notes: make sure to wear comfortable shoes and a hat and bring a lot of drinking water.

Price: 10 NIS

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