23.03.2019 | 10:00 - 11:30

Nature Gardens

A Walk in Nature - Sowing and Germinating

With the rains, nature comes to life. We will observe seeds and seedlings, and learn about the germination process.

  • Which seeds do we like eating, and why?
  • Why are the first few leaves of the plant so different from the leaves that will grow later on?
  • How does a seed “decide” when to germinate?
  • How is germination different in humid areas and in desert areas?
  • Why do some plants hardly germinate?

Come let your curiosity grow at the Botanical Garden!

Audience: Families

Exact Location: The Botanical Garden at the Nature Gardens, 155 Hertzl Street, Tel Aviv.

Price: NIS 20 per person
Discount: NIS 10 for Digitel card holders