Sculpture tour for adults

Sculpture tour for adults

Art Animals

March 20 | 10:00-12:00

There are several sculptures by Israeli artists throughout Ganei Yehoshua Park. We will take a tour on the park train between the sculptures. We will talk about the history of the sculptor and the creator, about sculpture in the public space in the park and the broad context of art creation.

At each stop, we will connect the artwork to a different and relevant text from a variety of worlds: from the origins to literature, poetry and more.

The tour will be accompanied by a dedicated brochure specifically produced for the tour.

About the instructors:

Aluma Raz is a group facilitator (“Gishot “College). Graduate of the Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts, Tel Aviv University (MA). Graduated with honors in Arts-Creative and Special Education Classes, University of Haifa (BA). Art educator with a specialization in creating and adapting content to diverse audiences, using the art language. Investigates the representations of the Holocaust in art. Established and coordinated the “Co-facilitator” – workshops for organizations at the Ashdod Museum of Art. Instructor at Yad Vashem. Previously, she worked as a senior instructor at the Petah Tikva Art Museum, where she coordinated classes and courses.

Lior Shor is an artist and curator of the Alfred Gallery cooperative. An art educator, a graduate of the Graduate School of Art (B.ED), a Certified Art Therapist (MA) from Leslie University. Lecturer and gives courses in various settings. With extensive experience in museum education, building social programs that incorporate an educational-therapeutic-artistic perspective. A senior teacher in the “National Art Team” Excellence Program for youth. Supervises and guides the national learning communities for leading teachers from Sapir College. Established and coordinated the Therapy and Culture Unit at the Ashdod Museum of Art. Worked as a senior instructor at the Petah Tikva Art Museum.

Photographers: Dr. Avishai Teicher Pikiviki, Abraham Hai, Maayan Nebo, Victor Uziel.


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20.03.20 | 10:00
Audience: Ages 5-10
Ticket : 40
DigiTel: 20
Accessibility: Accessible
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The park train station is in front of the kiosk, near the big lake, Ganei Joshua Park.