23.11.2019 | 9:30 // 11:00 // 12:30

Nature Gardens

Autumn in the Nature Gardens - Open Saturday for the whole family

As every year in the fall, we will meet for a festive event in the nature parks, sow and plant tubers, along with guided tours, legends, artworks and sprouts.

At the annual planting event, wildflowers and tubers are planted, typical of the Tel Aviv area, such as lupins, poppies, cloves, kiwifruit, daffodils, and squills.

The meeting will open with an explanation of the restoration of urban nature in general and the rehabilitation of the botanical garden in particular, and then we will go together for planting in a defined area.

Feel free to bring spoons and planting tools and feel the ground up close.

It’s the fall with the cloud
A tour of the early autumn rains, we will watch the sprouts in the garden that awakens after a long summer, prepare for rain, and make a joint effort to book a rainy year!


  • The audience is asked to arrive on time in closed shoes, hat, and water.
  • We recommend bringing buckets and planting spoons.
  • The number of participants is limited.

The activity takes place in three rounds.

Target Audience: Families. Ages 3 to 8.

Location: Nature Gardens, entrance and parking through 155 Herzl St. (Nature School Parking). Another entrance from 3 Levon St.

Accessibility: Accessible to carts.

Photographer: Itai Slikter.

Phone number for inquiries: 03-6273927

Price: Free entry in advance.
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