Bicycle workshop: Roadside repairs and obstacle paths riding

Bicycle workshop: Roadside repairs and obstacle paths riding

ילדה על מתקן מכשולים
Introduction and practice of techniques on bicycles

22 February | 11:00

An activity for children and parents

Technical riding and roadside repair workshop provided by Hamaslul. The session will be divided into two parts:

The first part will include a roadside repair workshop for parents and children that will teach how to maintain and repair current problems in our bicycle such as inflating tires, repairing flat tires, brake function test, bicycle maintenance and cleaning in winter and use of the chain. Gain experience in repairs and familiarity with the bicycle.

The second half will involve practicing technical riding, including riding on paths, obstacle paths, swing, ramp, practicing sharp turns and neutral position.

An empowering workshop that encourages self-confidence and independence.

Additional Details

22.02.20 | 11:00
Audience: The entire family from the age of 7 – children and people who know how to ride
Ticket price: 50
DigiTel: 25
Accessibility: Accessible

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  • Pre-register for activities and bring a functioning bike, helmet is mandatory! Dress comfortably, sneakers and a bottle of water. For people who do not have bicycles and helmets, these can be rented at the Hamaslul club for a subsidized price of NIS 40.
  • Hamaslul at Sportech South of Halechi Street facing Tishrei Street to its end, where a dirt parking lot is located. Park there and continue on foot for two minutes until you reach the sign of the Hamaslul club.

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Hamaslul Club at Sportech South