Bird Tours for Adults on Tuesdays

Bird Tours for Adults on Tuesdays

חוחית על רקע פריחה צהובה
Exciting Nature Just Out the Door - Adult Tours

Tuesdays March | Every hour | 9:00 3:00 p.m

connecting to wildlife in the city

Get to know the birds that spend the winter in the birdwatching area of the park. We’ll talk about the upcoming migrating season and about the species that remained with us during the cold season.

Together we’ll delve into the mysteries of birdwatching. With the help of bird dictionaries and binoculars, we’ll get to know the birds that live in our region and in our neighborhood. We’ll listen to the birds’ tweeting, watch them as they search for food and also listen to stories about the birds of your childhood.

Are you interested in spending a morning in a park that attracts birds in the middle of the city? Come and visit!

The tour lasts about one hour.

Additional Details

3.3.20 | every hour
10.3.20 | every hour
17.3.20 | every hour
24.3.20 | every hour
31.3.20 | every hour
Audience: age 16 and up
Ticket price: 20
DigiTel: 10
Accessibility: Accessible
  • meeting at the entrance to Park Hatzaparut (Bird Head)
  • Parking is available at Hachava parking lot, entrance across the street from 174 Rokach st. RAMAT GAN

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