Bird Tours for Adults

Bird Tours for Adults
שלדג על ענף בולע דג
Exciting Nature Just Out the Door

Tuesdays February | 9:00

connecting to wildlife in the city
Get to know the birds which spend their winters in Park Hatzfarot. We will discuss the past migration season and the species that remained with us during the next season.

We will delve into mysteries of birds, rely on bird taxonomies and use binoculars to get an up-close look of birds in our area and near our homes. We will listen to birds, observe them in their search for food and hear about the birds of our childhood.

Want to spend a morning in the park that draws birds in the heart of the city? Come visit!

The tour lasts about an hour.

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04.02.20 | 09:00
11.02.20 | 09:00
18.02.20 | 09:00
25.02.20 | 09:00
Audience: מגיל 15
Ticket price: 20
DigiTel: 10
Accessibility: Accessible
  • meeting at the entrance to Park Hatzfarut (Bird Head)
  • *In the event of rain, the tour will be cancelled and ticket price will be refunded fully
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