Bird Tours for Families

Bird Tours for Families

אנפית בקר פורשת כנפיים
Morning and afternoon Tours

Tour are canceled.

connecting to wildlife in the city

In light of the Ministry of Health’s instructions,  all tours are canceled.

A “green Island” in a world of concrete…
Join us on a nature walk in the birdwatching park.

Saturday morning is usually our quiet time, but in the birdwatching park it’s when all the action takes place! Join us on an intimate tour with the birds and plants in the park.

On the afternoon tour, we’ll listen to the birds tweeting, we’ll watch them get organized and search for food right before sundown.

Together we’ll delve into the mysteries of birdwatching, and with the help of a bird dictionary and binoculars we’ll get a close look of the birds who live in our area and right in our neighborhood.

Are you interested in hearing how one builds a park that attracts birds in the middle of the city? Join us and you’ll find out!

The tour lasts about one hour and a half.

Additional Details

Audience: age 3 and up
Accessibility: Accessible
  • meeting at the entrance to Park Hatzaparut (Bird Head)
  • Parking is available at Hachava parking lot, entrance across the street from 174 Rokach st. RAMAT GAN