Bird Tours for Families

Bird Tours for Families

שלדג מעופף בכנפיו על ענף
Sunset Tours

February Every Saturday | 15:00

connecting to wildlife in the city

“Green Island” in an asphalt desert…join us at the best time of the day, in a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere in Park Hatzfarot.

We will delve in the mysteries of birds, rely on bird taxonomies and using binoculars, get to know the birds in our area near our home.
We will listen to the bird cheeps, observe their nesting habits and search for food just before sunset.

Interested in hearing about how a park that attracts birds is built in the heart of the city? Join us and find out!

The tour lasts for about one-and-a-half hours

Additional Details

01.02.20 | 15:00
08.02.20 | 15:00
15.02.20 | 15:00
22.02.20 | 15:00
29.02.20 | 15:00
Audience: age 3 and above for the hole family
Ticket price: 20
DigiTel: 10
Accessibility: Accessible
  • meeting at the entrance to“Rosh Tsipor” Birding Park (listed in Waze), Ganei Yehosha Park
  • In case of rain the tour will be canceled and a refund will be made

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