27.04.2019 | 9:00

Ganei Yehoshua

Birding tour in the birding park

*In case of rain the date of the tour will be postponed. A message will be sent to registrants.

The tour takes place in the birding park ‘Rosh Tzipor’, including an entrance to the birding sanctuaries and close acquaintance with the birds near your home and roaming in our area.

How do you build a park that attracts birds?
How do you learn to identify different species of birds?
Why is Israel so special about bird migration?

Join us and you’ll find out!

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Audience: from age 3 and up.

Exact location: Birding Park “Rosh Tzipor, Ganey Yehosha.
It is recommended to park in the parking lot of the agricultural farm in Ramat Gan, Rokah st. opposite house 74

Price: Regular ticket –  20 NIS
Bonus: For DigiTel card holders –  10 NIS

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