26.09.2018 | 10:00 - 12:15

Nature Gardens

Celebrating the Seven Species at the Nature Gardens – The Oil Mill experience

Suitable for: children ages 3-9 (preschool age)

Wednesday-Thursday, September 26-27th,  from 10:00 to 13:00

What’s the activity? (General information)
A fun activity for the whole family, including workshops and a theatrical play with an ecological theme of the Seven Species.

Suitable for: children ages 3-9 (preschool age)

The price?
20 NIS per activity for any child above the age of 3.
An accompanying parent – free of charge
For Digital Card holders – 10 NIS.

Further Details:
The Oil Mill Activity

We’ll build a real oil mill and experience the whole stages of olive oil production. We’ll start with oil harvest and will continue to the crushing. Next, we’ll proceed to the screw press and squeeze the olives. Next, we’ll understand how the olive oil is being formed from the liquid mixture. During the activity, we’ll get to know the ancient oil mill while observing a reconstructed model representing the oil mill from the Hellenistic period and finally, we’ll set up an oil lamp, similar to those used by our ancestors.

Each round of activity is limited to 25 participants – prior registration is required.

Wednesday 26.9 10:00-10:45
Wednesday 26.9 10:45-11:30
Wednesday 26.9 11:30-12:15

The theatrical play does not require registration and the entrance is free of charge (only to the plays!)

Play: Sounds from the junkyard
How a handlebar of a bike turns into a flute? Gil Bohadana produces sounds and creates musical instruments out of the garbage. Let’s join him to create a magical musical festivity!

Tuesday 25.9 – 12:15 – suitable for the whole family.

A play in a suitcase – wear out the mosquito

A child sets on a journey for keeping the annoying mosquito away. This play is dedicated to the subject of importing stagnant water for eradicating the Asian tiger mosquito. A one-man show with original music, surprising puppets and plenty of humor.

Wednesday 26.9 – 12:15 – suitable for the whole family.

Price: 20 NIS for a child from the age of 3 and above. Parents – free of charge

Discount: For Digital Card Holders – 10 NIS. Children from the age of 3 and above can participate in the workshop, for parents – the entrance is free of charge.