27.08.2019 | 16:30 - 18:30

Ganei Yehoshua

Courses Fair – “Hamaslul” Bike Club

Classes fair at the ” Hamaslul ” bicycle club with a variety of sessions and surprises.

All children will receive a helmet and a bicycle and will experience technical riding facilities and a challenging cycling track, as well as a refreshment,  stand for soap and hail bubbles.

At the end of the activity, there will be an award-winning raffle.

* Registrants will enjoy a registration discount on the day of the event.

For all the details of the 2019-2020 “Hamaslul” Club Riding Classes >>

Target Audience: Children over the age of 6.

Location: Ganei Yehoshua parking lot at the west end (opposite the Expo Tel-Aviv and the university train station).

Price: Free.

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