05.10.2017 | 16:00

Ganei Yehoshua

DGTL International Music & Art Festival

Location: the rock garden

Age requirement: 18+ only, subject to show a valid ID.

Ticket price: 180-300 NIS.

The DGTL international festival, originating from the Netherlands, is a yearly event held in san-Paulo   and Barcelona, which prides itself on being a disruptive and revolutionary venue, unlike other commercial festivals of the same scale and popularity, by featuring a line-up of well-known musicians and visual artists along-side newly emerging local talents, while putting an emphasis on innovation and high production standards.

The innovative spirit with which the festival has been planned and designed, affects many different elements beyond the art itself, from the unique design of the complex itself, to the world class sound quality and the revolutionary electric power delivery system, which decreases the power consumption of the festival to 50% that of other festivals of the same scale, as well as delicious vegan only food stands, and a unique recycling system for the waste produced during the festival, as part of the environmental awareness to which the festival is committed.

Tickets are usually sold-out in advance, and many phenomenal DJs and artists take part in the international artistic “summit” created by the atmosphere of the festival in its core, which will be amplified by the fact that the Tel-Aviv festival is marketed worldwide, and is expected to raise the interest of music fans from all over the world.

3 main stages will feature all kinds of musical goodness, including an appearance by the explosive Israeli duo Red-Axes.

Featured artists:

Maceo Plex, Marcel Dettmann, John Talabot, Seth Troxler, Roman Flugel, Henrik Schwarz, Red Axes, Rødhåd, Jennifer Cardini, Avalon Emerson, Young Marco, Yotam Avni, Autarkic, Job-Jobse, VRIL, Jenia Tarsol, Sean Doron, Naduve, Uriah Klepter.

The day-time event is expected to continue artistically related parties held in some of the best venues in Tel-Aviv, including: the Breakfast-Club, the Alphabet, the Teder, the Bootleg, and Beit Maariv.

About the Artists

Maceo Plex – (Eric Estornel), also known as Maetrik, is an American DJ, producer and DJ-Awards winner, which is best known for his diverse production style, influenced primarily by house and techno but also tech-house, as well as a longtime performer for many Ibiza-based clubs, including Space and Amnesia.

Rated 4th most prestigious DJ by Resident-Advisor, he is well on his way to becoming the most sought-after DJ in the world.

Marcel Dettmann – A German DJ, producer, and record-label owner whom commentators have called “one of the most influential proponents of contemporary techno”. Dettmann is a resident at the well-known Berlin nightclub Berghain.

In addition to being a prolific producer, Dettmann also tours extensively, performing in clubs and electronic music festivals throughout Europe.

John Talabot – A Spanish DJ, Record label owner, producer and electronic musician. He is known for his rather special way of approaching music, showing influences ranging from flamenco, northern soul, African music and traditional Asian songs.

Following the success of the ƒin album Riverola established himself on the international DJ circuit. This was helped by a 2012 tour with The XX in North America which allowed him to reach a wider audience.

Thanks to his unique style and special sound, he is said to have a significant influence on what we now call the “Spanish” sound.

Red Axes – A project created by Tel-Aviv based producers and DJs Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi,
which have been performing together before, as members of the new wave/post punk band Red Cotton.

After living in Amsterdam and traveling Europe, the guys came back to Tel-Aviv to establish an underground electro-psychedelic venue called “Break It!”, which injected some refreshing energy into the Tel Aviv scene.
In 2009, they adopted a new concept for their new artistic endeavors – focusing on house, disco and techno, and several Red Axes eps came out between 2009 and 2011.

During their extensive tours around the world, they have been featured in several prestigious venues throughout Europe and the US, including Coachella and Burning Man.

Jennifer Cardini – After over a decade of building an enviable reputation for herself in the clubs of Paris, she has become an international phenomenon. Her charisma and versatility behind the decks has led to invitations to play in such famed nightspots as Panorama Bar, Nitsa, and Fabric, and with her creative platform and label very much on the ascent, her standing as a tastemaker is as prominent as ever.

Young Marco – an Amsterdam native DJ and producer, Young Marco has been on the forefront of the city’s bustling underground scene for nearly a decade.

Coming up through several now infamous residencies, he quickly gained notoriety for his genre-defying and ballsy DJ sets with a unique take on dance music, playing everything from lost proto-house and raw jaktrax to Libyan disco anthems.

Job Jobse – undoubtedly one of the most admirable DJ that the Venice of the North has given us the pleasure to discover these last few years. A true rising star whose musical diversity is matched only by the number of canals he sails on for our pleasure.

Starting his way in the legendary Club 11 in Amsterdam before joining the Berlin label Innervisions following his residency with the former club Trouw, where he was both the booker and the promoter of the “Drukpers” parties.


Avalon Emerson – originating from the US, she produces adventurous techno and house inspired equally by the vast deserts of Arizona (where she grew up) and the futurism of Detroit techno. Her tracks are expansive, sprawling, and inventively designed, yet they’re always grounded by heavy, propulsive rhythms.

The now internationally known DJ has a number of worldwide tours under her belt, and has released two highly acclaimed eps during 2016: “Whities 006” and “Narcissus in Retrograde”.

In 2017, she earned further acclaim for her spacious downtempo remix of Slowdive’s “Sugar for the Pill”.

Autarkic – (Nadav Spiegel) In only 18 months, Autarkic has managed to release 3 EP’s on respected establishments such as Golf Channel and Turbo Recordings as well as a Mini – LP on the Disco Halal label.
With his energetic and mesmerizing live show that combines pumping machine music with live singing, Autarkic managed to create addictive melodies and catchy lyrics that got him gigs in some of the most respectable festivals and clubs throughout Europe. In the last 6 months alone, he had played in Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona as well as Fabric Club RM1 in London.

In May 2017 Autarkic released his debut LP – “I love you’ go away” on Disco Halal.

Yotam Avni –  Said to be one of the most prominent and exciting figures to emerge onto the scene in recent years. An accomplished producer, in-demand remixer and versatile DJ, he has fast transitioned from Tel-Aviv’s best-kept secret to one of contemporary house and techno’s leading lights. Avni’s music career began early on, at the young age of 19, he compiled and produced experimental music for Modern Ballet, while working as a Music Journalist and holding a DJ Residency in Tel Aviv’s leading night clubs.
His back-catalogue releases offer a wide musical range, from Abstract Electronica to Soulful House all the way to Detroit Techno. Despite his young age and natural talent, he has already worked behind the scene with some of the world’s greatest producers such as Osunlade, Derrick May, Jovonn, Shlomi Aber, and Terrence Parker