29.09.2018 | 16:00 - 23:00

Ganei Yehoshua

DGTL Festival

Exact location: Ganey Yehosha Park, The Rocks Garden

Suitable for: Age 22+

The hottest event in the world of music festivals, the unforgettable production of the leading DGTL brand that keeps expanding year after year – is coming to Ganey Yehosha for the second time, as a cooperation with Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality and under the sponsorship of Heineken. The festival was a significant breakthrough in terms of bringing international brands to Israel and the refined sounds echoed among the huge 12,000 crowds flooding the park.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa joined the exclusive club of cities who host the music and art DGTL festival, originating in the Netherlands. The list includes Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Santiago, Tel Aviv and soon another city TBA.

Unlike other festivals that present only 1 headliner, the DGTL festival is an innovative event that cherishes technology and puts forwards a line of artists, among the best in the world, along with the most outstanding newcomers in terms of production and sound.

The tickets to DGTL are always sold-out before the show, as suitable for a mind-blowing summit of an immersive experience of arts, music, lights, and decorations of the highest quality. The production is thought-through and impeccable in all its aspects: fine vegetarian food stands (as part of the green revolution led by DGTL), insane art, huge stages and above all: meticulously crafted sound.

The festival presents 3 stages with an excellent musical material, operating simultaneously throughout the whole event.

Beyond being an innovative music festival, DGTL champions the environment and sustainability and it won the price of the greenest festival in Europe.

The festival implements a revolutionary energy saving plan, provides only vegetarian food, offers recycling appreciation plan and more. The festival was awarded multiple times for these efforts, including Outstanding Green Event at the FestX awards in Las Vegas and the Most Sustainable Price from Company Amsterdam.

Price: The entrance is upon purchasing a ticket.