Environmental Bike Tour

Environmental Bike Tour

ילדים רוכבים באופניים על גשר מעל לירקון
An active tour of the hidden gems of the Gane Yehoshu’a Park

14th March | 11:00

The "Hamaslul" Club invites you to a bike tour on the green trails of Gane Yehoshu’a and alongside the Yarkon River

The “Hamaslul” Bicycle Training Center invites you to an unforgettable nature experience!

Cycling in a group is a fun, active and challenging activity taking place in nature. A guided tour will show us the unique urban nature of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

The tour will leave from the Hamaslul Club, located in the heart of a shady grove in Gane Yehoshu’a.

We’ll go on a bike ride and enjoy the best of the park’s hidden gems: the Rosh Tzipor Birdwatching Center, the Lake, the Seven Mills, the Performances Hill and the Yarkon River.

During the ride, we’ll stop occasionally to discover the flora and fauna.

Bike riding instills many values in adults and children alike: self-confidence, connecting to nature, developing technical skills, fitness, etc. In the course of the activity, we’ll focus on proper and safe riding.

Additional Details

14.03.20 | 11:00
Audience: Children ages 7 and up who can ride a bike.
Ticket price: 50
DigiTel: 25

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  • Please arrive half an hour in advance for registration and organization purposes.
  • It is advisable to bring water, a hat and sunscreen

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Hamaslul Club, 94 Rokach Boulevard. At the western end of the Gane Yehoshu’a parking lot (opposite Expo Tel Aviv and the University railway station)