22.10.2019 | 10:00 - 13:00

Ganei Yehoshua

Family happening in the rock garden with the Israel Antiquities Authority


Join us to a family happening celebrating the renewal of the archaeological display that opened in the rock garden in the past year, in collaboration with the Israel Antiquities Authority. The display opened in the last year and showcases the magnificent architecture brought here by the Roman and Byzantine empires, many centuries ago.

During the happening there will be a festive ceremony followed by four free workshops:

  1. Fragrant pouch – the vegetation world in everyday life in ancient times. We will get familiar with the plants for medicinal use, edible and beverage, we will work with fresh and dry plants and prepare a fragrant pouch.
  2. Hasmonean coins – What clues are there about the Hasmonean period and what do they tell us about life in Israel at that time? The coin was recovered from a variety of coins unearthed in archaeological excavations in the Land of Israel.
  3. Pottery candle – light in the ancient world. We will learn an ancient technique of making a candle house.
  4. “Menorah” Mosaic – The incarnation of the lamp symbol found on various archaeological finds. We will make a personal mosaic model that restores a lamp model from our country mosaics.

The Ganei Yehoshua rock garden covers an area of ​​40 acres, with a variety of rocks brought from all parts of the country. The garden has a trimmed garden with formal, classic and Mediterranean landscaping. The impressive architectural items are integrated into the pruned garden.

The exhibits in the garden were brought from the state treasures and are evidence of the impressive buildings built in the country in the 7th-7th centuries CE in the Land of Israel. Corinthian.

Target audience: For the whole family.

Location: Rock Garden, Ganei Yehoshua.
Meeting point: The mosaic floor under the oak trees.

Phone number for inquiries: 03-6273927

Photographer: Ilanit Netanali.

Price: Free.