Menachem Begin

Field Races

The field races series, which began with the first race last month in Menachem Begin park, will be the first of its kind in Israel. The second round will be held on November 28th.

The field race competition was organized by the “Athletei Ha’simta Drom Tel Aviv-Jaffa” (South Tel Aviv-Jaffa Ally Athletes) athletics club; A non-profit professional athletics team. The team was founded as a social project to empower youth through sports activities.

In light of the impressive accomplishments achieved by the team, which represented Israel in the field race competition in the Balkans and in Europe in the last few years, the club is now leading an effort to organize the first Israeli field running competition during October-November.

The best runners will be picked to represent Israel in international competitions (in the Balkans and the European championship tournament)

The first race took place on October 24th, and in three weeks the Israeli team will be flying to the Balkan championship in Turkey.

In preparation for the upcoming championship, the grass track at the south of the park has been renewed, including the adjacent complementary gravel track.

Furthermore, the relevant managing bodies are considering the possibility of hosting the next Balkan championship scheduled for October 2018.

The competition is a one day long, and 300 runners from 10 teams will participate.

The course for the race upcoming, which will take place on November 28th, will consist of a 1600m circuit going passing through the concert hill in Ganei Yehoshua Park.

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