15.03.2019 | 15:00

Ganei Yehoshua

Food Printers and Workshops for the Whole Family Celebrating the National Stop Food Waste Day

Due to expected rainy weather this Saturday:
* The event will take place on Friday 15/03 at 15:00.
* The location was changed to Kosovsky st. in front of number 18.

About a third of the food around the world goes to waste. In Israel, 2.3 million tons of food are thrown away each year – that’s NIS 19.5 billion worth of food! For the National Stop Food Waste Day (taking place on March 12) we will hold a family-friendly fair at Ganey Yehoshua offering practical workshops. Everybody’s welcome!


From Food Waste to Edible Art. From the Netherlands with Love:
UpptintingFOOD, Elzelinde Van Doleweerd, and Vita Broeken have found a magical method for turning the food we throw away into enticing food creations! Now they are coming to Israel and for the first time they will show us how, using 3D printers, they can make delicacies out of food items most of us would simply throw away, as well as cookies and snacks which are nothing short of an art form. And how about the taste? Yummy!

Have a glimpse of the magic in this video

Solar Cooking
Gas, oil, and coal are known pollutants and will soon be a thing of the past. Now is the time to learn solar cooking techniques!

Come see three working cooking device models. Two of them are simple devices you can make at home, and the third is a surprising, innovative camping stove.

You can try making mini solar ovens* yourselves and prepare a little energy bar made with puffed rice and non-dairy chocolate. Bonus challenge: we will hold a race with the world’s smallest solar cars!

Zero Waste
When we eat outdoors, we make a lot of waste. We use hand wipes to clean our hands, paper napkins, plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic bottles, condiment containers and more. We will learn how to avoid much of the waste, and as a fun kick-off activity, we will decorate a personal, reusable sandwich bag made of fabric using laundry-resistant dyes.

*(ovens must be returned at the end of the activity)

Audience: Families with children aged 4 and up.

Exact Location: Kosovsky st. in front of number 18.

Price: Free of charge.