05.10.2019 | 10:00 - 12:00

Ganei Yehoshua

Greeting "Rosh Hashana" at the agricultural farm in Tel-Aviv


New Year’s (Rosh Hashana) Eve is especially festive on the agricultural farm in Tel Aviv:

We will visit the beehive and taste sweet honey, visit the pomegranate tree and discover how they grow, we will see the petting zoo and learn about the shofar and its use, prepare greeting cards from natural materials for our loved ones, seek for the holiday treasure in the ficus maze and finally bake pita bread on our handmade tabun oven!

In the ficus maze, all the holiday characteristics are hidden, all will be there: the apple and honey, the shofar, the pomegranate, and the blessings! Think you can find them?

Comments / Recommendations: Please come with a hat, closed shoes, and water.

Target Audience: 2-7 years old.

Location: Tel-Aviv Agricultural Farm, “Rosh Tzipor” park.
Entrance by car from Rokah Street in Ramat-Gan, opposite to house 74. Free parking on site.

Accessibility: accessible for disabled and baby carts.

Price: 39 NIS per child, 10 NIS per adult.
Benefit for Digitel cardholders: NIS 39 per child + adult at no cost.

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