24.08.2018 | 12:00 - 23:00

Ganei Yehoshua

"KelAviv" #3 (celebrating International Dog Day) in Tel Aviv

Exact location: Bnei Dan Garden (located opposite to Bnei Dan Str. 12)

Suitable for: The whole family

Requirements for entering the event:
The entry to the compound and the responsibility for the dog in the area is relied on the owner and not in any case, not on the company.

  1. The dog owner is obligated to have a muzzle and leash for the dog (leash can be no longer than 2 meters).
  2. The entry for breeds that are considered dangerous will be allowed only with a muzzle and a leash.
  3. Every dog owner undertakes to take all measures necessary for supervising and being responsible for their dog to avoid any damages to third parties.
  4. By entering the event, the dog owner undertakes full responsibility, including any damages to third parties.

The International Dog Day is celebrated in a special festival devoted to the man’s best friend, combined with Tel Aviv’s exuberating free spirit. The festival includes gifts and accessories, offered with special discounts, games for the dogs in the garden, health compound offering alternative and holistic health services for the dogs along with unique products, a coffee shop for dog owners and dog-friendly music in the background.

Price: Free of charge.