09.12.2018 | 10:00 - 13:00

Ganei Yehoshua

Launch Event and Workshops at the New Archaecological Exhibition at the Rock Garden, in Cooperation with the Antiquities Authority.

Come join us for a festive family event at the launch of a new archaeological exhibition at the Rock Garden, in cooperation with the Antiquities Authority.

The exhibition will be launched in Hanukkah and will display the detailed architecture brought here by the Roman and Byzantine Empires many centuries ago.

Four workshops will be held during the event: *Archaeological Flora – Plants in Early Times.

We will learn about medicinal and culinary herbs from ancient times and make a fragrant bag. *Coins of the Hasmoneans and the Story of Hanukkah through Small Findings.

We will recreate coins by etching in clay. *Lights and Allures – Lighting in Ancient Times.

We will learn on the development of clay lamps through a mobile display and make personal candle holders. *What’s Growing on the Coin? – Plants Inscribed on Coins.

We will make a coin with plant elements that can be placed over the peephole of our door at home.

The Rock Garden spreads over 4 hectares and has a variety of rocks brought in from across the country. The Garden incorporates formal, classical, and the Mediterranean landscaped areas. Impressive architectural items are incorporated into the Garden.

Items in the Garden have been brought from the National Treasures, and they serve as testimony to the impressive buildings that were erected in Israel during the 1st-7th centuries. This period is characterized by imperial construction of elaborate public buildings, incorporating the three classical styles which have developed in ancient Greece: the Doric order, the Ionic order, and the Corinthian order.

Location: Ganey Yehoshua, Rock Garden.

Audience: Families.

Price: Free of charge.