16.12.2019 | 16:00

Ganei Yehoshua

Launch of the "People of the Park" Exhibition

The “People of the Park” exhibition is created from the mosaic of people who live in the area of Ganei Yehoshua Park. All those joggers, runners, hikers, cyclers and all who enjoy and cherish the tranquil piece of nature that sits at the heart of the busy city of Tel-Aviv.

In recent months, we have been calling out for the park’s lovers to come and have their photo taken for the exhibition, and to our delight, many have come, of different ages and places.

150 people have been selected and their picture is hanging around the park in unexpected places, places that have been given new life and a strong presence thanks to the people inside.

The size of the pictures cannot be ignored. The unconventional size adds power and allows the people in the picture to show distances and make others see them. “We’re here.”

On Thursday we will launch the exhibition in the presence of the people who have been working on the production for the past two years, and you are invited to the celebration.

The exhibition was inspired by the documentary “People and Places” by the late director Anise Verde and photographer JR, which screened at the Haifa Film Festival 2017.

Target audience: Families.

Exact location: Under the Ayalon Bridge in the South Bank, Ganei Yehoshua.

Photography and virtualization: Kfir Ziv

Price: Free admission.

Arrival map: