Nature happening: Spring Bioblitz

Nature happening: Spring Bioblitz
מדריכה עם קבוצה בלב שדה ירוק
A culminating urban nature event in partnership with the community

The event was postponed. A new date will be published later on.

A social nature study

Given the current situation and the desire to avoid risks of large crowds, the event was postponed. 
An accurate date will be published later.

A culminating event of urban nature in partnership with the community.

Do you love nature? Do you want to be explorers for one day?

Come and meet researchers and experts and go on exciting tours with them, where you’ll discover and get acquainted with the fauna and flora of the park.

Listen to explanations in a variety of areas: birds, arthropods, winter pools, flowers and insects.

Take photos, document, and participate in a social study to familiarize yourself with the local ecology and nature of the park.

The happening is taking place at the meeting point, where we will meet throughout the day and from where we’ll take off to various nature tours.

At this meeting point, you’ll receive a fascinating review on various topics by professional nature expert researchers, and from there you’ll continue to tour, just like researchers do, with the equipment you’ll be required to bring.  Participating in the tour does not only include passive observation, but you will help exploring, photographing and documenting, just as researchers do.

The explanations and tours will be held in rotations throughout the event. Several tours will take place at the same time, so that you’ll be able to attend several different tours.

The goal is to familiarize yourself with the rich urban nature, to learn how to look at the details and to love the nature around you.

A social study has been done in Israel and abroad in various fields of nature. For example, in Israel, a wild bird counting project is being held for the last several years. Volunteers from all over the country and of all ages go out and about to count wild birds. They register and update the records and thus contribute to a rich database that allows for a better understanding of the bird varieties in Israel.

Free of charge, as part of the monthly events in the city. Registration is a must.
Additional Details
Audience: families, children age 5 and up
Accessibility: Accessible
  • meeting at the entrance to Park Hatzaparut (Bird Head)
  • Entrance and parking from Rokach Street RAMAT-GAN, opposite house number 74
  • It is advisable to arrive on time to enjoy the variety of nature tours and the contents offered.
The new winter pool near birding park. Entrance and parking from Rokach Street RAMAT-GAN, opposite house number 74