Opening session of the butterfly monitoring course of Tel Aviv

Opening session of the butterfly monitoring course of Tel Aviv

פרפר על פרח סגול
Join the community and help us identify changes in the natural environment

3rd March | 7:00-8:30 p.m

Tel Aviv joins the National Butterfly Monitoring Program in Israel

Tel Aviv-Yafo is joining the National Butterfly Monitoring Program in Israel!

In the past decades, natural landscapes in Israel and throughout the world have suffered rapid deterioration. It is of the utmost importance to maintain a variety of plant and animal species which are still living in the areas of nature that are left. Butterfly monitoring enables to identify the environmental changes that are occurring around us.

The program comprises of monthly theoretical meetings and educational tours in urban nature sites, with an emphasis on butterfly monitoring and urban nature.

Participants are invited to conferences, surveys of rare species, and tours around the country organized by the Israeli lepidopterists’ society.

Each participant will mark a butterfly monitoring path together with the coordinator of the course who lives in his or her area.  The observations will be recorded in the national observation portal.

Monitoring will take place twice a month.

The opening session of the course will take place on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, at 19:00-20:30, in the Gane Yehoshu’a offices (yoy can find it on WAZE).

The meeting will include a lecture on the “Tel Aviv butterflies and the presentation of the National Butterfly Monitoring Program”, by Ofir Tomer, of the Israeli lepidopterists’ society.

photograph by: Itai Selikter

Additional Details

3.3 | 19:00
Audience: Seniors, parents, youngsters, lovers of nature and butterflies
Accessibility: Accessible
  • meeting at Gane Yehoshu’a offices
  • Coordinator of the Butterfly Monitoring Community in Tel Aviv Itai Namir 050-7546045 [email protected]

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