13.04.2019 | 10:00 - 12:00

Ganei Yehoshua

Radish Harvest and Story-time

Let’s go on a special Story Time walk following the stories of seeds and barriers – how they grow, why are they important, and more! We’ll meet Daniel, a boy who likes to collect many natural things…but one day, his box of seeds goes missing and we must help him find it! So, join us on a wonderful journey with many fun activities along the way!

Ficus labyrinth and solving riddles to find our way out, growing beans in reusable containers and learning many interesting facts about them, making seed clusters to plant in your own garden, picking fresh radish, and backing pita bread with chocolate spread.

Target Audience: Families and children ages 3-8

Location: HaChava Tel Aviv, Rosh Tzipor Complex, Car Entrance via Rokach St.

Child – 39 NIS (12 months and older)
Adult – 10 NIS
(1 free parent per child).