15.11.2019 | 07:00 - 12:00

Ganei Yehoshua

Running in color

NATAL’s Running in color is a colorful family event.

Three running tracks: 5km, 1.5km, and 300m Chicks.

During the run, colorful, powder-friendly, powder-friendly powders will be sprinkled on the runners.
The event is for the whole family and includes an experiential free activity complex with inflatables, a color party at the end of the race and other surprises.

All proceeds from the race will be dedicated to supporting and mentally assisting victims of terror and war and their families.

Note: In this race, no one stays “clean” everyone comes out colorful and happy and most importantly every participant contributes to an important cause – for the victims of terror and war.

Target Audience: All ages, families, adults, children, and teens.

Location: Show Hill, Ganei Yehoshua.

Accessibility: The area of ​​activity is accessible including disabled services, the runways are for runners only.

Price: Price varies between 40 and 150 NIS.
Benefit: For groups of over 10 participants we will provide a discount code.

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