Sculptures Tour for adults

Sculptures Tour for adults
An art tour using the park train - tour is canceled.
Meet sculptures in the part and their cultural roots

In light of the Ministry of Health’s instructions, the tour is canceled.

The train goes on tour. Get familiar with the sculptures that are set throughout the park, and by using a unique connection to selected stories, a shared creative discussion opens. we will learn about their stories and develop a discussion and creative thinking about the art.

Across the park are eight sculptures by some of the best artists in the country.

We will take a tour of the park using the park train between six of the sculptures. We will talk about the history of the sculpture and the sculptor. We will talk about sculpture in the public space in the park and the wider context for the body of art. At each stop we will connect the work to a different and relevant text from a variety of worlds: from the bible, from literature, poetry and more. The tour is accompanied by a unique booklet that combines the sculptures and texts.

Photographer: Kfir Ziv

Additional Details
Audience: age 15+
  • : The park train station in front of the kiosk, near the big lake, Ganei Yehosha Park.
  • Comfortable walking shoes, a hat, drinking water, and sunscreen - recommended