24.11.2017 | 9:30

Menachem Begin

Seeding and Planting Activity Events in Menachem Begin Park

The events will include wildflower seeding, Tuber and fruit tree planting activities, which will take place in Menachem Begin Park on Friday, November 24th at 9:30, near the water skiing lake, accompanied by the Nature Protection Authority, and lead by the park ecologist, Mr. Liav Shalem.

Everyone is welcomed to participate in the events, so take out your trowels (we will do so as well…) and come help us enjoy the creation of a new garden.

Participation in the event is free of charge, and this upcoming event will be the first of the season.

Location: Near the water skiing lake.

The next event will be held on December 12th in the Rosh Tsipor complex (near the birding park) at 10:00. Don’t miss it!