Shabbat for families in Gane Hateva (nature parks)

Shabbat for families in Gane Hateva (nature parks)

Education in nature in the south of the city

February | שעות 9:30 | 11:00 | 12:30

A different subject every week


Animals in Winter

How do animals in a park cope with winter? We will search for bugs and reptiles hiding from the cold and hear how King David was saved by a spider.


Water from the heavens

The majority of rain has already fallen and the plants are full of water, we will visit the vernal pool, prepare a rain stick and learn why rain is so important.


Blooms were spotted in Israel

We will check the new flowers that have blossomed, prepare paint from natural materials and learn about the rare flowers at the Botanical Garden.


Journey in Time

We will discover what the coastal plan looked like before cities were built. We will encounter rare species of flowers and create pieces of art from natural materials.

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01.02.20 | 09:30
15.02.20 | 09:30
22.02.20 | 09:30
29.02.20 | 09:30
Audience: ages 3-8
מחיר לכרטיס: 10
DigiTel: 5
Accessibility: Partly Accessible

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  • Number of tickets are limited.
  • The activity takes place in three rounds. Please register for activities at the hour of your choosing.
  • strollers accessible

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