Shabbat for families in Tel-Aviv’s Nature Parks

Shabbat for families in Tel-Aviv’s Nature Parks
ענף של עץ שקד פורח
A guided tour in nature of the south of the city

The events are canceled

In light of the Ministry of Health’s instructions, the events are canceled until further notice.

7.3 Purim
Especially for Purim, we will discover the flowers and animals that camouflage themselves. We will prepare gray paint from nature and learn about the important meaning of the Purim holiday.

14.3 Bashvil el Habrichot (In the Path to the Pools)
Which animals live in the vernal pool? What plants are immersed in water? To mark the end of the rainy season, we will learn about the water pools in the garden and wish for a rainy season next year.

21.3 Spring Equinox
What are the sun and moon divided about? How is a shadow hunted and what is the scent of spring in the Botanical Garden? A unique tour to mark the only day in the year when day and night are equal in length and nature celebrates the spring.

28.3 Following the tracks
Exploratory tour following the birds, reptiles and other animals of the garden. We will learn how animals are found, listen to the suspenseful story of the spider that saved King David, and discover how every spider and mosquito plays a role in the ecosystem.


Additional Details
Audience: 3-8
Accessibility: Partly Accessible
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  • tickets are limited
  • The activity takes place in three rounds. Please register for activities at the hour of your choosing.
  • strollers accessible
Entrance and parking through 155 Herzl St (parking lot of the Nature School). Another entrance is located on 3 Lavon Street.