Sheep Herding

Sheep Herding

רועה צאן ועדר כבשים
A unique project with a shepherd and a herd of sheep in the heart of the city


When was the last time you saw a herd of sheep quietly grazing in the heart of Tel Aviv?

In light of the Ministry of Health’s instructions, the tours are canceled.

The urban herding project attracts global attention, and that’s no wonder. When was the last time you saw a herd of sheep quietly grazing in the heart of Tel Aviv?

This is a unique project, led by the park’s ecologist, Mr. Leav Shalem, in cooperation with the with Hachava (the farm) and the Telmi Aviv School, which has become a success and role model in other places in Israel and abroad.

On the tour we’ll see how the shepherd is handling his skillful dogs and is herding the flock in an urban environment.

The grazing of the sheep helps the restoration of the wild flora, The herd feeds on the vegetation, opens the landscape to sunlight and allows other wild species to grow and live in the area. When the sheep are grazing, they dilute the grass, in the same way herds have done here for thousands of years. When they disappeared, the ecological balance got disturbed: the Deganit species – wild wheat, oatmeal, and the rest – grew wild and suffocated other species, especially flowers, which could not get enough light and resources from the soil. When the sheep are grazing, it allows the return of various species: dogs, tulips, daffodils, irises, and more. The sheep do not eat their stems, which they find not tasty.

Additional Details

Audience: entire family. children age: 3 and up
  • parking is available in the agricultural farm parking lot on Rokach Street, Ramat-Gan in front of number 74.
  • walking comfortable shoes are advised