14.10.2019 | 14:00

Ganei Yehoshua

The 2019 DGTL Festival

After breaking another record in its second year, with over 15,000 blinds, the DGTL festival returns to Tel Aviv with a tight lineup and four electronic stages.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa has officially joined the exclusive list of cities hosting the DGTL Electronic Music and Art Festival originating in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Santiago, and Tel Aviv-Jaffa. A festival is a cutting-edge event dedicated to technology and featuring a host of artists, one of the world’s foremost, alongside the freshest production and sound discoveries of exceptional standards. The production is invested and also includes fine food stalls on vegetarian purity (as part of DGTL’s Green Revolution), stunning art, huge stages and, of course, meticulous sound. The festival will present four stages this year with fine musical content that will run concurrently at any given moment.

Beyond being an innovative music festival, DGTL has carved its flag for environmental protection and sustainability and has won awards as the greenest festival in Europe. The festival has a revolutionary program for saving electricity, vegetarian food only, recycling benefits program and more. The festival has won numerous awards for the green revolution it is leading, including the Outstanding Green Event at the FestX Awards in Las Vegas and the Most Sustainable Company Amsterdam Award.

Target audience: 21 years old.

Location: Ganei Yehoshua Park Parking Lot.

Price: Starting at NIS 280.

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