21.09.2019 | 10:00 - 12:00

Ganei Yehoshua

The farm returns to activity with traditional olive harvest!

The young farmers are invited to join the Hagai the farmer for the opening of the year on the farm, harvest olives and help him with his tasks on the farm according to the season!

  • The children will harvest olives, chop them with heavy utensils and put in a jar, take home, with a delicious recipe.
  • In honor of the “Rosh Hashana” we will go to the ancient wish tree to draw and write wishes and blessings.
  • We will continue to the spice garden, play the scent game and make toilets to take home.
  • We will visit the livestock corner, feed the sheep and find out what they eat and what sounds they make.
  • In the creation stand, we will prepare a decorated “grass head” to take home and keep track of his growth at home.
  • For dessert, we will make pita on the tabun oven with sweet chocolate.

Target Audience: Children ages 2-7.

Recommendation: It is recommended to come with closed shoes/sandals, a hat and a bottle of water.
If there is a child with a gluten allergy (celiac) it is important to note this when buying the tickets.

Location: Tel Aviv Agricultural Farm.

For more information: 03-6138286

Price: NIS 39 per child, NIS 10 per adult.
Benefit for Digital Holders: NIS 39 per child + adult free.

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