The Oil Pitcher Mystery

The Oil Pitcher Mystery

ילד מדליק חנוכיה על רקע שדות ירוקים
Chanukah on the Farm

December 24-28 | 10:00

Nature tour

After the battle of the Temple and the victory of the Maccabees against the Romans, a great mess and destruction were left behind. Lucky that the Maccabees were hiding a small oil jug at the agricultural farm in Tel-Aviv in advance.

Come to us, look for the Maccabees and head for the urn. We’ll look for the livestock corner, the ficus maze and other places at the farm.

We will continue the tour, learn how to make olive oil and make garnished jars, which in the house will become special oil burners.

Of course, we will not leave before lighting a menorah together, singing Chanukah songs and filling our stomachs with pita baked on the tabun oven, and this time with olive oil (and chocolate of course).

Additional Details

24.12.19 | 10:00
25.12.19 | 10:00
26.12.19 | 10:00
28.12.19 | 10:00
Audience: Ages 2-7
Adult: 10
Child: 39
Adult DigiTel: Free
Accessibility: Accessible
  • Parking on Rokach Ramat-Gan Street, opposite number 74.

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