Treasure hunt on a bicycle

Treasure hunt on a bicycle

ילדים יושבים על אופניים ומאזינים למדריך
Extreme experience in nature

29th February | 11:00

An active Sabbath in the park

Bicycle training and instruction
“Hamaslul” invites you to a challenging experience in nature!

The activity takes place in nature and begins from the Club that is located in the heart of a shaded grove in Ganey Yehoshua. We will play a special game of ‘treasure hunt’ but this time, riding on bicycles! Through riddles and navigation, we will pass through the field and discover buildings and hidden spots in Ganey Yehoshua Park.

The activity will take approximately two hours, we will enjoy experiences and discover new sites of urban nature of Tel-Aviv and our capabilities. At the end of the activity, a refreshing surprise will be waiting for all participants.

Additional Details

29.02.20 | 11:00
Audience: Children aged 6+ who can ride bicycles
Ticket price: 50
DigiTel: 25

Hamaslul club site לחצו כאן

  • 1. For children aged 6+ who can ride bicycles.
  • 2. Arrive half an hour before to prepared
  • 3. water, hat and sunscreen are advised

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Hamaslul Club – Sderot Rokeah, Ganey Yehoshua Parking Lot on the western end (across from Ganey Hataarucha and the University train station 94 Sderot Rokeah)