Tu BeShvat celebration on Hachava – cancelled

Tu BeShvat celebration on Hachava – cancelled

A Planting happening for families

22 February | 9:30-14:00

Celebrating with trees and plants

Due to the rainy weather expected on Saturday, the  Tu Bishvat event is canceled.

Out in the field, we will plant herbs using gardening tools and later bake delicious pitas on the taboon


Activities will take place throughout Hachava throughout the day:

*Water water water! How water is treated, how rainwater is collected, how we can create ecological bubble solution from water, and the best: creating bubbles of varying sizes and with special instruments from recycled water. A hands-on workshop.

*Circle of rhythmic drummers with a range of percussion instruments and drums

*Theatrical storytime inspired by the story “Mr. Zuta and the Apple Tree”

*Let your imagination fly: painting in nature on an easel

*Creative workshops: Embossed bookmark mobile from nature and coloring pages

*Preparation of sachets from herbs and spices to take home

*Greetings will be posted on an ancient wish tree

As well as the regular facilities: petting zoo, Ficus Labyrinth, Gymboree for toddlers and other surprises at every corner.

The planting groups will leave in four rounds. You can register for the preferred time of 09:30, 10:30,  and 12:30

Tickets that include the planting groups or tickets that include participation in all other open activities can be purchased.

Additional Details

22.02.20 | 09:30, 10:30, 12:30, 09:30
Audience: ages: 2-7
including planting and Pita making: 39
DigiTel: 29
tickets without planting: 29
tickets without planting - digitel: 19
Accessibility: Accessible
  • 1. A child’s ticket is for children under the age of 7.
  • 2. For participants in the planting and pita groups: inform us of any sensitivity to food by Thursday 20.2.20 at 12:00 so that we can prepare. After this time, we cannot ensure options for pita and chocolate.
  • 3. The planting groups will leave from Hachava gate on time. Please arrive fifteen minutes before to register and organize. Financial reimbursement is not granted to hosts.

Tickets Purchase

Tickets sales for this event is finished.


The Entrance to the parking lot is across the street from 74 Rokach St. Ramat-Gan