18.10.2019 | 6:15

Ganei Yehoshua

Turkish Coffee Tel Aviv Circular Run

City Ride Celebration: The annual bicycle event is back, which includes five cycling trails and caters for families as well as professional riders. The route runs on the city’s avenues, on Ayalon lanes, and along the Tel Aviv coast.

The following is the start schedule:
6:15 You 60 km
6:30 AM 40km start
7:30 You started the 21km Rollerblades
7:45 you jumped 21km
10:30 AM Started 8km

Target Audience:
For the whole family by routes:
60 km track: Riders 18 and older
Track 40 km: Riders aged 16 and over

Route 21 km:
Riders aged 8 and over.
Riders aged 8-12 are required to be accompanied by an adult

21km Rollerblades Track:
Riders aged 16 and over

8km route: unlimited age

Every child from the age of 4 must be registered for the event,
Children under the age of 4 can ride with their parents for free at only 8 km.

Location: Ganei Yehoshua Parking Lot.

Regular registration until 5.9.19
Single – 80
Family up to 4 people – 260
Late registration until 16.10.19
Single – 90
Family up to 4 people – 260

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