Undies Run 2020

Undies Run 2020

איש בתחפושת פוליפ אדום רוכב על רולרבליידס
Race to create awareness of the prevention of colon cancer

13 March | 8:00-11:00

move your tooshie and run to get tested

The “injunction” association launches its annual campaign to increase awareness of bowel cancer prevention and the importance of testing to prevent the disease. As part of the campaign, this year as well, this fun race will be held under the slogan “move your butt and run to get tested”.

The race will be held at a competitive track of 5 km and a regular track of 2 km.

The race is the highlight of the national campaign to prevent colon cancer and takes place during cancer awareness month.

Similarly to the races that have been held for years in the United States, the race will be open to individuals and groups, volunteers, celebrities and public figures.

The participants will run in their underwear (on top of their clothes).

The participation kit includes a shirt, a medal and a chest number.

Each participant will receive water and light refreshments at the end of the race.


Additional Details

13.03.20 | 08:00
Audience: age: 5 and up
ticket price: 60-80
Benefits: Digitel cardholders get a discount
Accessibility: Accessible

Tickets Purchase

Tickets sales for this event is finished.


Sportech Compound Next to the baseball field