18.04.2019 - 18.04.2020

Ganei Yehoshua

Windows in Green- Outdoor Exhibition

Unlike the exhibit in the gallery space, which is defined by its white walls, the exhibition at Ganey Yehosha takes place in the open space, making it dynamic and changing, just as the park itself changes during the day and the seasons change.

During the design of the exhibition, the artist Rinat Yitzhak uses her knowledge as an architect by looking at the park itself as part of the composition, so that it invites the viewer to look at the familiar park with a new look through its specially created windows.

To bring people into nature in this project, Yitzhak combines paintings, words and sentences from quotations of people who answered her questions and experienced the park: What brings them to the park? And what does staying in it do? Words, like brush strokes, that raise awareness of the value of nature in human life.

The existence of the exhibition in the green lung of the city arose out of thought and desire to create a natural junction between the urban environment, nature, and art.

Passersby are invited to record their personal perspective on the camera and share it with the world on social media #חלונות_בירוק_תלאביב and #windows_in_green_tlv.

“Those in the movement see, and those who stop see more”.

Opening Hours: 24/7

Location: near the Golfiteq parking lot, Ganey Yehosha Park.

Price: Free of charge

Remarks: It is recommended to be updated with gallery discussions, artist workshops and more.