Windows in Green – Outdoor Exhibition

Windows in Green – Outdoor Exhibition

outdoor exhibition

open 24/7

Art in the Open Space

An open art exhibition of the multidisciplinary artist Rinat Yitzchak, showcasing works based on elements of nature.

The exhibition takes place in the open air, and unlike an exhibition displayed in a gallery, which is confined within white walls, this exhibition is dynamic and full of variety, exactly like the park itself which changes with the different hours of the day and night and through the seasons.
The design of the exhibition shows Rinat Yitzchak’s knowledge of architecture, her spatial understanding of the park itself as part of the composition, inviting the viewer to look at the familiar park through specially created windows. In order to put man into nature, in this project
Yitzhak combines paintings, words and phrases from quotes from people who are experiencing the park and who answered the following questions: what brings you to the park? And what generates your stay there? Words, like a brush stroke, that awaken the awareness of the value of nature in human life.
Holding the exhibition in the green lung of the city originated in the thought and desire to create a natural meeting between the urban environment, nature and art.

The passersby are invited to document their personal visual perspective with their mobile phone and share it with the world on social media at #WINDOWS_IN_GREEN_TLV

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Accessibility: Accessible
  • It is recommended to park in the Golfitech parking lot

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on the north bank of Yarkon River, in the Golfitech compound